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Library Rules as Approved by the Library Committee
Working Hours

University Library shall function in two shifts and shall open as per schedule given below :

i. Working days & Saturdays

9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

ii.  Sundays and other holidays including Saturdays if any Gazetted holiday falls on this day.

9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

iii. Check-in Check-out

9.00 a.m.  to  6.00 p.m.

iv.Reading Halls on 1st and 2nd  Floors

9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

v. Reading Hall (Rear)

It will open round the clock throughout the year including Sundays, Saturdays and other holidays, but it will be closed  at midnight and open at 8.30 a.m. However the University Librarian may enhance the timings after midnight keeping in view the attendance of the users.

Library Fee and Library Security

Library Fee and Library Security as prescribed in the Prospectus shall be charged from all the students at the time of Admission. Library Security is refundable within a year after leaving the University.

Library Membership
A. University Staff.

The following shall be entitled to enroll themselves as Members of the Library :

i.   Teaching staff posted at Main Campus as well as Outstations.

ii.  Other staff of the University posted at Main Campus only.

iii. Students (UG/PG/M.Phil./Ph.D.) of various Depts. at the Main Campus excluding students enrolled with the Directorate of Distance Education.

Those who intend to use the library facilities are required to enroll themselves as Members of Library by filling the prescribed form. The form must carry the recommendation of the respective Head of the Department/Director/Officer of the University.

B. Special Membership.
The following may be enrolled as Special Members of the University Library:

i.   Serving Teachers of the Govt./Aided Affiliated Colleges.

ii.  Serving scientists of other Universities.

iii. Retired Teachers/Officers and other employees of Class II rank and above of MDU.

iv.    Aspirant scholars for admission to Ph.D in MDU duly recommended by HOD/University Librarian.

  1. Ph.D. students of other Universities.

  2. Class I Gazetted Officers of the Govt. of Haryana/Govt. of India.

The following conditions shall govern the enrollment of the above applicants for Special Membership:

i.    Approval of University Librarian  

ii.  Surety of a serving University employee. 

iii. Refundable Library Security of Rs. 2500/- to be deposited with the University Cashier.

iv. Payment of Rs. 250/- as annual Library Fee.

v.  Based at Rohtak.

Permission to outsiders to use library facilities

The Research Scholars from other Universities may be permitted by the University Librarian.

Loan Privileges

The Vivekananda Library shall issue a barcoded Library Card to teachers and University ID-cum-Library Card to students as per recommendations of the Committee. The bonafide Members shall be permitted to borrow books, etc. from the Vivekananda Library/Satellite Libraries on the production of  Library Card/Library-cum-Identity Card in person in case of students and in person or through a person with authority letter in case of University teachers and other employees.  The entitlement of the Members shall be as under :

i. Teachers/Counterparts in Library & Sports - 15

ii. Officers  & Other Employees  - 04

iii. Research Scholars - 10

iv. M.Phil. Students - 08

v. Pre. P.H.D.Students - 08

vi. P.G. Students - 06

vii. U.G./Diploma/Cert.  Course  Students - 04

viii. Special Members - 02    

Loss of Library Card /ID-cum-Library Card.

Member shall be responsible for the loss and misuse of the Library Card/Library-cum-Identity Card. A Member who loses his/her Library Card/Library-cum-Identity Card shall submit an application through the HOD/Controlling Officer with the certificate that he/she shall be responsible for the misuse of the lost Library Card/Library-cum-Identity Card. The Member shall be issued a fresh Library Card/Library-cum-Identity Card on payment of Rs. 50.00.

Period of loan
i. Teachers/Counterparts in Library & Sports.

a. General books - 90 days

b. Text books - 03 days

ii. Research Scholars

a. General books - 60 days

b. Text books - 03 days

iii. M.Phil. students

a. General books - 30 days

b. Text books - 03 days

iv. P.G. students

a. General books - 14 days

b. Text books - 03 days

v. U.G./Diploma/Cert. students

a. General books - 14 days

b. Text books - 03 days

vi. Officers & Other Employees

a. General books - 14 days

vii. Special Members

a. General books - 14 days
Categories of Learning Resources not to be issued
Learning resources in the following categories shall not be issued:

i. Reference books.

ii. Journals

iii. Theses

iv. Rare books

v. Reference text books.

vi. Course catalogues and question papers    
Recall and Re-issue of books
Books shall not be re-issued to the same borrower, if they have been reserved by some other library user.  Books can be recalled from any borrower, if required.  Failure to return them will entail usual overdue charges from the date of recall.
Reservation of books
A book on loan can be reserved for a Member on his/her formal request.  An intimation shall be sent to the Member who had requested for reservation immediately after the return of the book.  The requester shall collect the book within four days from the date of issue of intimation failing which same shall go back in normal circulation.
Conditions of Loan
Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before borrowing.  They shall be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed at the time of returning the book (s).  All books on loan shall be returned on or before the due date marked on the Due-Date-Slip in the book, failing which overdue charges shall be realized from the borrower as per Rules.  Repeated violation of this rule by the Members, may lead to suspension or cancellation of the Membership of the defaulting Member.

Overdues, as laid-down hereunder, shall be charged from the Members, if they fail to return the books on or before the due date as indicated on the Due-Date-Slip in the book:
General Books
Re. 1/- per book per day shall be charged.  


Re. 1/- per book per day shall be charged.  

Remission of Overdue Charges
University Librarian shall be competent to remit full overdue charge or part thereof.

Loss of Books ( General, Text, Reference, Multivolume & out-of-printbooks) and Journals
i. If a book is lost by any Member, he/she shall be asked to replace the book subject to satisfaction of the University Librarian.

ii. If a book was borrowed and lost by a Member before 16.9.2008, and the book is out-of-print, the register cost + 10% of the cost shall be charged.

iii. If a book was borrowed and lost by a Member on/after 16.9.2008, and the book is out-of-print, double the cost of book shall be charged.

iv. Current foreign exchange rates shall be charged, if the lost book is a foreign publication.
Damage to Books/other Learning Resources

Deliberate damage -  mutilation, defacement, dog earing, disfiguring etc. - to Learning Resources warrants severe penalty. As such, the University Librarian shall be competent to impose any of the following penalties in such cases :

i. Current price of the book (s) and 10% of the price as processing charges, if the book is defaced/ dog eared/disfigured.

ii. At least, double the current price of the book (s) and 10% of the price as processing charges if the book is mutilated.

Admission to Library
Only registered Members shall be permitted admission to the Library.  He/She must produce his/her identity card at the Security Counter of the Library failing which admission shall be refused.  However, non-members shall be allowed admission only with special permission of the University Librarian.  Any member, who is desirous of using the library, shall enter his/her name in the Register maintained at the Library Gate.  Such entry shall be taken as an acknowledgement that the visitor agrees to abide by the Library Rules. The University Librarian reserves the right to deny entry to any unauthorized or undesirable element, and send the visitor (s) out of the Library, if he/she does not show Identity Card on demand.
Access to Books
The University Library shall follow an "Open Access System" with some exception.  The Members shall have the privilege of free access to the Stack Areas.  However, they will not have free access to those categories of books whose use has been restricted due to their special nature.  Such collections comprise of theses, rare books/out-of-print books, art books, softcopies and other categories decided by the University Librarian from time to time.   Books from these collections shall be allowed to be consulted only through special requisition.
Inter-Library Loan  and Library Assistance
The Library Staff shall provide assistance to the Library Users in the tracing of learning resources, consultation of library, literature search, etc.  The books and other reading material, not available in the library, shall be procured on loan from other libraries on specific request of the Members, submitted through the HODs/ Advisors.  The photocopies of articles/ research papers/chapters of books, etc., shall be procured for the Members from other libraries against payment at the rates fixed by the library that will supply the photocopies.  The expenditure on procurement of such photocopies shall be borne by the requester.
Satellite Libraries
There are several Satellite Libraries on Rohtak Campus and outside (P.G. Regional Centre, Rewari and Institute of Law and Management Studies, Gurgaon). All the Satellite Libraries shall observe the same rules as are applicable to the University Library.
No Dues Certificate

i.  All the employees shall be required to obtain “No Dues Certificate” from the Library before leaving the University irrespective of purpose/reason of leaving the University including deputation, lien, fellowship, long term training and leave of the kind due for private affairs within India and abroad. The HODs/Heads of Offices shall ensure before relieving an employee/clearing his/her dues/issuing degree or releasing security of the student that the employee/student has produced “No Dues Certificate” from the University Library.

ii. The students will be required to obtain “No Dues Certificate” for getting Roll Nos./Admit Cards for appearing in the final semester (in a semester system)/year (in the annual system) examinations only. They will not be required to obtain “No Dues Certificate” for appearing in any other semester/annual examination.

iii. The Library Cards/ Library-cum-Identity Cards  issued to the Library Members shall be valid upto the date of issue of ‘No Dues Certificate’.

iv.  All the Library Members shall surrender their Library Cards/Library-cum-Identity Cards at the time of obtaining ‘No Dues Certificate’ from the Library failing which a sum of Rs. 50.00 shall be charged.

v.   All the Library Members shall be required to get their Library Cards/Library-cum-Identity Cards renewed before 31st July every year failing which books shall not be issued.
Discipline within the Library Premises and Other Guidelines

i.   University Librarian is empowered to levy any kind of penalty including filing an FIR/criminal suit in the Court against the miscreant (s) for any sort of crime against the library documents, and indiscipline and misconduct in the library.

ii.  Cell phones shall be switched off during stay in the Library by the users as well as  staff members. Any violation of the directive may invite minimum penalty of Rs. 20/- in each case which the University Librarian may enhance upto Rs. 100/-.

iii. Smoking etc. in the Library is strictly prohibited.

iv. No combustible material shall be allowed to be taken inside the Library premises.

v.  Only light writing material shall be allowed inside the library.  Personal books, books belonging to other Libraries, rain-coats, umbrellas, etc. shall be deposited at the Property Counter of the Library.

University Library shall observe the following holidays :

i. 26th January

ii. Holi

iii. 15th August

iv. 2nd October

v. Deepawali    
Writing off of unserviceable books (LC Meeting held on 26.07.2007)
Unserviceable books shall be written off by the following Committee :

i.  University Librarian 

ii. Dean, Academic Affairs

iii. Finance Officer

iv. Estate Officer    

Permision to the Wards of University Employees to Use Library facilities
i. The University Librarian/his authorized Rep. may grant permission to the spouses and wards of the University employees.

ii. Each spouse/ward may be charged a sum of Rs. 100/- per quarter as Library Fee.

iii. The requests for permission shall be forwarded through the respective HODs to ensure the authenticity of the spouses/wards.

iv. The father/spouse will be responsible if the permission holder is found creating any indiscipline or found causing loss to the Library in any manner.

v. Permission shall not be granted for more than a year in one go. It may be renewed subject to Clause 3 and good behaviour of the permission holder.

vi. Request for permission shall be submitted on the prescribed proforma available from the University Library.

vii. The applicant shall affix his/her photograph on the proforma.

viii. Readers’ Tickets will not be issued to the permission holders.

ix. This permission shall not be valid during the examination days.

These Library Rules are subject to change from time to time with the approval of the Library Committee, M.D. University, Rohtak.