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Scholarships / Stipends /Prizes / Financial Assistance to Meritorious/needy Students.

The University provides financial assistance to the meritorious and needy students in the form of Scholarships, Stipends, Prizes, etc. as under:

University Merit Scholarship
University Research Scholarship
Haryana State Merit Scholarship
L.P.S. Scholarship & L.P.S. Bossard Scholarship
Lion Joseph McLoughlin Scholarship
Sh. Bimal Prashad Jain Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Rajesh Malhotra Memorial Scholarship and Medals
Dr.Sarojini Devi Memorial Scholarship
Dr. P.P. Singh Memorial Scholarship
Ch.Badlu Ram Scholarship
Sh. K.C. Shastri M. Charitable Trust Scholarship
Mr. Devesh Mehra Memorial Scholarship
Sita Ram Jindal Foundation Gold Medals
Post Matric Scholarship/ Stipends for the students of SC/BC categories Stipends awarded by the District Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen‘s Boards
Post Graduate Stipends General Stipends
Acharya Ram Dev Prize for First Position holder in M.A. (History)
Students' Aid Fund
The Directorate of Students‘ Welfare provides financial assistance to the poor and deserving students out of the Students‘ Aid Fund, Dr. Radhakrishnan Fund, etc. in the form of lump-sum grants.

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