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  1. Corrigendum For National Conference organised by IMSAR on 28th March 2017

  2. 07 days National Training Workshop/Programme on “Research Methodology and Statistics in Social Sciences” from March 22nd - 28th, 2017

  3. One Day Training Programme On Human Rights on 31.03.2017

  4. One-Day National Symposium on Interdisciplinary Discourse in Social Science on 22.03.2017 organised by Faculty of Social Sciences

  5. National Seminar on "Biodiversity: Status and Significance" March 21, 2017 organised by Botany Department

  6. Two Days National Seminar on "Drug Addiction and Alcoholism: Issues and Challenges in North- West Region" on 29-30, March 2017

  7. One Day Symposia on “GENDER CONCERNS IN HARYANA ” on 18/03/2017

  8. One day workshop on sexual harassment of women at workplace on 28th march, 2017

  9. Regional Seminar on "Ensuring Accountability in Governance: Emerging Trends" on March 28, 2017

  10. Participants of the International Conference on "Startup India Recipe for Inclusive Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Issues and Challenges" for March 2, 2017

  11. Note: Regarding National Seminar on Recent Developments and Mathematical Sciences

  12. 07 Days National Training Workshop/Programme on "Research Methodology and Statistics in Social Sciences" From March 22nd-28th, 2017

  13. National Conference on Digital India: Prospects and Challenges March 28, 2017, Organized by IMSAR

  14. One day workshop on Coping Health Issues on 23rd February 2017: Women’s Studies Centre

  15. "The National Seminar on 'Recent Developments in Mathematical Sciences' scheduled to be organised on February 09, 2017 has been postponed due to some unavoidable circumstances. The new date will be notified soon. However one can send Abstract of their Research paper to the email id - nsrdms2017@gmail.com"

  16. Workshop on "Gender Sensitization And Women Safety At Workplace" : 16 feb 2017

  17. National Seminar on "Climate Change and agriculture: Impact and Adaptation Strategies in Haryana" on February 6-7, 2017

  18. National Seminar on Ideology of Sir Chhotu Ram: 03 Feb 2017

  19. National Seminar on Ideology of Sir Chhotu Ram: 30 Jan 2017

  20. Seven Day National Workshop on Natyashastra: 11-17 Feb, 2017

  21. National Seminar on Recent Developments In Mathematical Sciences(NSRDMS-2017) Feb 09, 2017

  22. National Conference On Emerging Issues in the Financial Sector in India Feb 8, 2017

  23. International Conference on Indo-Pacific: Challenges and Prospects for India, Organised by Department of Political Science:23-24 January 2017

  24. National Conference On Statistics and Optimization Techniques (NCSOT) (FEBRUARY 11-13, 2017)

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