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    M.A. (Geography) 1st & 2nd Sem.

    M.A. (Geography) 3rd & 4th Sem

    M.A. Geography 1st and 2nd Sem. Session 2010-11

    M.A. Geography 3rd and 4th Sem. Session 2011-12

    M.A. (English) 1st to 4th Sem 05-10-10

Previous- (Annual System) Geography M.A.(P) Geography

Political Science M.A. (P) Political Science (Annual System)

Final (Annual System) Defence and Studies M.A. (F) Defence Studies

English M.A.(F) English

Geography M.A.(F) Geography

Hindi M.A.(F) Hindi

Political Science M.A.(F) Pol.Science

Public Administration M.A.(F) Public Admn Annual System

Previous (Semester System) Economic M.A. (P) Economics 1st & 2nd Sem.

English M.A. (English-Hons) 1st & 3rd Sem. Session 2011-12

M.A. (P) English 1st & 2nd Sem.

M.A. (English) 1st to 4th Sem Session 2011-12
Fine Arts M.A. (P) Fine Arts 1st & 2nd Sem.

Geography M.A. (P) Geography 1st & 2nd Sem.

Mass Communication M.A. (P) Mass Communication 1st & 2nd Sem.

Music M.A. (P) Music 1st & 2nd Sem.

Political Science M.A. (P) Pol. Science 1st & 2nd Sem.

Psychology M.A. (P) Psychology 1st & 2nd Sem.

Public Administration M.A. (P) Public Administration 1st & 2nd Sem.

Sanskrit M.A. (P) Sanskrit 1st & 2nd Sem.

Sociology M.A. (P) Sociology 1st & 2nd Sem.

  M.Com (P) 1st & 2nd Sem.

  M.P.ED 1st Sem.

Final (Semester System) Defence & Studies M.A.(F) Defence Studies 3rd & 4th Sem.

Drawing & Painting M.A.(F) Drawing Painting 3rd & 4th Sem.

MVA (Painting) 1st to 12th Sem.

Economic M.A.(F) Economic 3rd & 4th Sem.

Education M.A.(F) Education 3rd & 4th Sem.

English M.A.(F) English 3rd & 4th Sem.

Geography M.A.(F) Geography 3rd & 4th Sem.

Hindi M.A.(F) Hindi 3rd & 4th Sem.

History M.A.(F) History 3rd & 4th Sem.
Music M.A.(F) Music 3rd & 4th Sem.

Political Science M.A.(F) Political Science 3rd & 4th Sem.

Psychology M.A.(F) Psychology 3rd & 4th Sem.

Public Administration M.A.(F) Public Administration 3rd & 4th Sem.

Sanskrit M.A.(F) Sanskrit 3rd & 4th Sem.

Sociology M.A.(F) Sociology 3rd & 4th Sem.

  M.Com 1st to 4th Sem Session 2010-11
  M.Com 3rd & 4th Sem.

    M.Sc.(P & F) Physics 1st to 4th Sem.


  Music M.A. (Music) 1st to 4th Sem 2010-11

M.Com   M.Com (Hons) 7th to 10th Sem Session 2011-12

    M.Com (Industry Integrated) 1st to 4th Sem Session 2011-12 ED DETAILED SYLLABUS
BPED   B.P.Ed. 1st to 2nd Sem (Int Ass 20 Marks) Session 2011-12 
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